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4 Ways to Rethink Your Job Search

Let’s face it – there is no real science to job searching. If you Google it you’ll pull up countless stories, news articles, blogs, career coaches, et cetera, all claiming something different. What you need to remember is that there is no magic formula, no crystal ball and the number one thing to realize as you rethink your job search is…THERE IS NO BOX!

Don’t let the old way of doing things slow you down – finding a job is a job in itself, and creativity and innovation will be a determining factor in finding your next career.


Out With the Old…

Job searching used to be picking up a newspaper and just reading the classifieds. We then leapt to a new innovation – the Internet – to try to find our dreams, and now we get lost between the old ways and figuring out the new ways to job search. One thing your job search can’t be is desperation – too often you see people sending resumes everywhere and anywhere, and this is not effective.

Websites that offer a “quick apply” function do you a disservice, because there is no “quick” apply. You need to qualify for a company as much as for the job. You need to see if their culture and goals match up with your own. These small factors will determine more about your success within an organization than you skill set for the job.

There Is No Box…

There is no predetermined path that will lead you to greatness, and no predetermined path that will get you a job. It is up to you to think outside the box, or better yet, throw the box out and rethink everything.

Be creative and network, volunteer, write a blog, go to events, follow companies, talk to everyone and anyone who will listen and get involved in something you’re passionate about. Someone will notice, and someone will find you, because unlike Red Bull, your passion is what truly gives you wings, taking your job search to new heights. If you don’t feel that, you’re cheating yourself at work, and it’s only a matter of time before you’re fired or quit your job. Make sure you do something you like, love, or find real value in. Our worth is how we see ourselves, which will ultimately determine how an employer sees you.

No One Said It Would Be Easy…

Job searching is a fight, and there is definitely competition. The odds are against you, so you need sheer determination to see it through. Most things worth having in life are difficult to achieve – which is why you have to be more determined than anyone else among your competition.

Most job searches take 90-120 days, and this may mean you have to take an odd job while looking for your next career. Do not let this discourage you, and don’t think it’s “below” you to take a menial job while finding something else. At some point you have to be honest and realize you need to at least pay the bills. It doesn’t mean you have given up either – but it should give you the extra motivation you may need to hustle while searching for a job.

Never Underestimate Your Will Power…

The absolute truth life will show you is that there’s nothing stronger in the universe than human will. It has no boundaries, no limitations, no definition, and the best part is you control yours. Many successful people will tell you that they were not necessarily the best in their field, and there were others with more raw talent, but the one thing they possessed that the others did not was the sheer will to never quit – to never give up no matter how hard it got, and at the end of the day as long as you believe in what you are doing, nothing can stop you.

So re-think your job search, re-think who you want to be and you might be surprised at where you see yourself next.

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