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5 Quick Tips For Being A More Confident Networker


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Networking with strangers can be a terrifying experience for many people,  especially when it’s in-person. What do you say? What if you’re awkward? What if  you don’t make a good first impression?

Don’t worry – prepare! Check out these quick  tips for being a more confident networker from Adam LoDolce, founder  of SexyConfidence.com and GoTalkToHer.com:

1. Know How To Break The Ice

Struggling for ice breakers? Instead of trying to memorize one-liners, keep  things simple.

“A simple ‘Hello, my name is ___’ is more than sufficient if said with a  smile,” said LoDolce. “Or, my favorite, ‘So, what brings you here?’”

2. Get Warmed up

Don’t start batting without a few practice swings! Make sure you talk to a  few people before you hit up your main target – it will ease your nerves and  make you feel more comfortable.

“The moment you walk into the room, just start chatting it up with someone to  warm up a bit,” LoDolce suggested. “Before you know it, you’ll feel comfortable  chatting up the big time CEO across the room.”

3. Be Aware Of Your Body Language

Did you know that 93% of communication is non-verbal? In order to give  off a positive impression, LoDolce suggests doing the following:

  • Don’t cross your arms
  • Keep a strong smile all night long
  • Hold strong eye contact

Feel weird keeping eye contact? Try just staring at the bridge of the other  person’s nose instead.

4. Ask Great Questions

“If you are uncomfortable doing the talking, then ask interesting and thought  provoking questions,” LoDolce suggested.

Here’s an example: “Oh, you’re an architect? What’s it like building  something that you know will be around for hundreds of years?”

5. Have Fun

Whenever you attend a networking event, above all else, focus on having a  good time. People will be attracted to your good attitude.

“If you’re enjoying yourself, people will enjoy your company,” said  LoDolce.

And, even if all fails, at least you can say you had a great night!


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