YOUR LIFE…Why it is the way it is and what you can do about it NOW~   Leave a comment


What will your 2014 choices be my friend?

As most of you know, I am not one who is attracted to the latest trends or culturally “in” thought processes!  I am a realist, who delivers my words from a deep conviction and demands that those I serve do just the same.
What I do know is this, each of us make choices, and those choices effect our success.  Coaches are not critics of your choices, but the effective coach is a supporter of your choices, and helps you look at the risks associated with your thinking.  With so many people around us with agendas that serve their interests it sometimes can be difficult to know what “noise” to blend with your own thinking – right?   
On January 15 at 12 noon EST I will be conducting a free webinar titled “Your Life….Why it is the way it is and what you can do about it now!”  In the past 6 years I have helped hundreds of people change their focus and change their lives.  Most of them made a decision to attend a free webinar, and from there they started to construct some new thinking which resulted in hopeful futures!  
So I am inviting you personally to attend this one hour session. What will YOUR choice be?  It costs you nothing but an hour of your time and the results could be life changing.  What choice will you make? I hope to see you in the webinar, that choice may be just the jump start you needed!  
Yes Mikal, I am signing up right now…”To Live Is To Adapt”
I look forward to seeing you on January 15 at 12 noon EST.  
 V. Mikal Jackson CPC
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